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We Love our dogs

We started Craft Beer Biscuits because of our love for dogs. Unfortunately, many treats are packed with harmful ingredients that can lead to obesity, diabetes, and other health issues for your pet. Every decision, every ingredient and every step of the process is made with your dog's best interest at heart.

Super grain

We use only wholesome, fresh grains directly from craft breweries. During the brewing process, most of the natural sugars and carbohydrates are stripped from the grain. This leaves behind a protein and fiber packed ingredient that is incredibly healthy for our dogs. We use this super grain in all our biscuits.  No alcohol, hops, corn, or soy will be found in any of our recipes.

All natural and LOCALLY SOURCED

We use only the freshest local ingredients to make our biscuits. We believe in supporting our local businesses and we put our resources back into the local economy.

Social impact

We passionately support our local dog rescue organizations to help connect dogs in need with new loving families. 

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Our Brewery Partners

Endeavor brewing company

Columbus, OH

North High Brewing Co.

Columbus, OH

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